Top 10 Leather Tote Bags For Women

Bags are a women’s best friend, everybody knows that. However, there are certain bags out there which are so stylish that make you easily remarked off the crowd. These handbags come in a stylish black (shiny or matte) design and can be easily fitted with just about any outfit that strikes your mind. Take into account, though, that these bags are created for special occasions and should be used accordingly. If you wish to purchase yourself one of them, then you might want to have a look at our top 10 black leather tote bags selection first:

1. Papier Office Zip – Leather Tote Bag


This deluxe leather bag comes in a neat and tidy frame, fact which makes it a must-have for all office and business visits. The bag itself is very simplistic in approach, maintaining the classic lines, yet can be easily worn with a variety of outfits. It also features an ID card support for easier security check and enhanced leather lugs to help you carry it away more easily. It includes 2 zippered pockets; the main one where you can store all your necessary belongings and documents, and a tinier one which serves mainly as key support and for hassle-free access to other small objects (i.e. handkerchiefs, rings, phone cases, etc).

2. TOD’S Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a truly premium handbag, then this TOD’s elite model could be exactly your thing. Built entirely from first-class leather and with special attention to details and lockers, there is little else to be desired from this exclusive bag. What’s more, its interior actually benefits from plenty of space, so storing your favorite carriages inside should be no problem. The 3-line design with middle spacing attracts all attention to the bag, while the soft and plushy handles will often make you forget that you’re actually wearing it.

3. River Island Black Leather Tote Bag

If you ever dreamed of owning the most sophisticated handbag out there, then this may as well be your biggest opportunity. The River Island tote bag comes with a geometric design and plenty of golden-like enhancements, all just to steal the view of trespassers. No matter whether you find yourself in the mall, on the street or in an exquisite club, this amazing black leather bag will definitely make every other women envious on you.

4. Gerard Darel Simple Vittoria Tote

You might have heard about Gerard Darel, the famous fashion designer which has presentations on all important stages of the world. Well, this deluxe handbag actually wears its signature, fact which transforms it into a must for fashion addicts. But besides the signature, this bag holds a lot more interesting elements for those looking to be really glamorous. For instance, the classic lines which are carefully sculpted on each sides create a perfect geometric model. Also, the signature pouch attached adds to the overall handiness of the bag.

5. Rochas Studded – Leather Tote Bag

One of the aces in your hand, the Rochas Studded leather bag comes with a truly innovative design which allows you to stand out wherever you go. There are two stitches on this bag; one on the very top and one on the lower bottom part. They create a unique geometry, which adds to the enticing symmetry provided by the handles’ ends. The Rochas Studded signature can also be founded near the top of this bag, fact which makes this model a lot more valuable in the eyes of fashion savvy.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo – Briana Tote Bag

Another designer’s leather handbag, the Salvatore Ferragamo Briana comes with a very neat dual design: one share is made of smooth first-quality leather and the other one is made of suede. These two parts are interlinked with one another to create a highly vivacious combo. This bag goes well with a classic suite as well as with more informal outfits. What’s best about it is that it comes with multiple inner panels which allow you to store your favorite things with ease.

7. Women’s Rockstud – Medium Shopping Bag

The Rockstud Medium shopping bag is a trademark when it comes to quality. This bag features designer’s signature softly highlighted in the bottom part, as well as contrasting stitches for an off-the-shelves look. The bag is simple and neat, ideal for a quick shopping session or for a day out at the mall. However, one thing to be noted is that the leather quality is not so good as with other models. Nevertheless, it’s price tag makes it highly tempting.

8. Giorgio Armani Tote Bag

Covered entirely with croc leather, this Giorgio Armani bag is certainly one piece that should not miss from your collection. Details are as brilliant as it gets, and the bag is easily one of the most sophisticated and best compartmented one you’ll find available. Furthermore, designer’s signature is clearly visible at the top, being highlighted on a metal clip, and the handles are made from croc leather too. There are few bags which can be deemed as more sophisticated or stylish than this one, but the price tag definitely sticks up to it.

9. Courreges Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a premium and durable handbag to showcase your unique style and personality, then you can’t go wrong by choosing a Courreges. This tote bag is entirely covered in soft, first-class, leather, and the designer’s logo is clearly visible on the exterior side. What’s more, this logo is metallic which means that it effectively reflects light as to capture people’s attention in a go. Details are also well rendered and very smart placed, so the bag definitely lives up to the hype of modernism. Take it to the mall or to a sophisticated club and everyone will admire you.

10. Alexander Mcqueen Bag

Who can ignore Alexander Mcqueen’s creation when it comes to leather tote bags for women? If there would be an award for top style, this bag would definitely receive it. The classic lines and the ultra high quality material makes this bag suitable for any occasion, especially if you want to highlight your casual outfit. However, one disadvantage of this model is related to the spatiality of elements, details and graphics seem to be kind of oversized in relation to the rest of the bag. Nevertheless, it still shouts style.

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